»Ellipse« table lamp

  Design: Jan Landqvist

"Ellipse classic" oil lamp
Polished and lacquered brass

  Design: Jan Landqvist

"Ellipse chrome" oil lamp
Chromium plated brass

"Ellipse" table lamp instructions

Ellipse table lamp works with an 8''' circular burner.
Oil container 275ml. Height 220mm. Diameter 100mm.

Strong acrylic lacquered brass or chromium plated brass.
The glass chimney is produced in the famous "Glass district" deep in the Swedish forests.

Article no. Description Material
50 12 11 (E.S.Sørensen no.)
60 12 11 (Delite no.)
Ellipse Classic Polished brass with a strong acrylic lacquering
60 12 12 Ellipse Chrome Chromium plated brass
10 00 11 Spare glass chimney Clear glass
10 00 12 Spare glass chimney Frosted glass

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