This series was originated from the German alarm clock factory Jerger. When Jerger decided to stop the production of the well known alarm clocks, Ronald Johansen from Græsted took over the tools and the rights to produce the instrument-housing. Ronald Johansen was the manufacturer of the Fyrkat instruments and the take-over of the Jerger series gave him the possibility to supply an economy series to the clock business.
In 2003 Ronald Johansen decided to stop his business and today the series is produced by Delite in Måløv.
Since 2014 the series has been a collectable.
"Ronald" clocks, barometers and thermometers

 Design: Ronald Johansen / Jerger clock manufacturer

Roman "Fyrkat" design figures
German quartz movement - Battery size AA LR06 1,5V

hPa - millibars
French barometer mechanism

-20 to +50oC
German thermometer mechanism

General specifications:
The case is made of high quality brass (0,5mm sheet material).
The surface is mirror finish polished and then lacquered with a strong acrylic lacquer (white dial versions) or
chromium plated (blue or grey dial versions).
Scale ø100mm. House (case) diameter ø125mm. Depth 58mm. Weight 240g.