Spare parts

In 1961 the Koppel family buys a little country house on the small island Fejø north of the island Lolland. In this house Henning Koppel draws Petronella in 1962 encouraged by his friend Poul Henningsen that had, for nearly a generation, a close co-operation with the electrical firm Louis Poulsen & Co. The result is a small chubby kerosene lamp, only 32 cms tall, given the quirky name Petronella. The brass lamp was a great success for both Henning Koppel and Louis Poulsen & Co.

In the firm's own gazette, the editor, Hakon Stephensen discussed the lamp (March, 1963). He said: "From a sculptural point of view it is charming, there is something cheerfully compact about the body, and thanks to the Koppelian curves, which are repeated in the lamp shade, Petronella has been endowed with a refreshingly cheeky stance, something existensialistic, in the best sense of the word."
He goes on: "As a kerosene lamp, Petronella has just about all the technical faillings that a lamp of this kind can have." Stephensen stresses the technical qualifications required of a kerosene lamp intended for lighting purposes. One must be able to see whether there is oil in the container. The wick in the burner must be visible, so that it is possible to ensure that it will burn straight, avoiding tongues of flame and soot. The lamp must be easy to grip, as it must be moved often, e.g. for daily cleaning.

Actually, Petronella is more or less what one would describe as a cosy night light. Perhaps not loved so much on account of her technical virtues as for her beautiful curves. What about producing a new and larger lamp designed by Henning Koppel and following the prescription laid down by Stephensen? We seem to lack handsome, well-shaped lamps...
A little extract from Viggo Sten Møller's book about Henning Koppel published in 1965.
Petronella has been produced by Louis Poulsen & Co. ever since - until 2006.
In 2007 Delite continues the production until 2013. A hard decision was taken - the production was discontinued because of low sales.
Spare parts for the Petronella lamp are still available.

Opalescent 3-layer glass shade.
Polished and lacquered brass.
6''' circular burner. Height 320mm. Shade diameter ø175mm.
Weight 1 kg. Lamp base contains 0,75 litres.
Burning time approx. 80 hours.
 Design: Henning Koppel (1918-1981) "Petronella" - article no. 65 02 01 - no longer in production...