Schatz Fyrkat (4’’ dial)

Ship’s bell clock - arabic - chromium


Made in Denmark by Delite.

The Schatz Fyrkat series replaces Schatz Success 140 and E.S.Sørensen Fyrkat series. 

White ø100mm dial and ø140x80mm brass case. Weight approx. 1,4kg.

The Fyrkat instruments are very solidly and carefully constructed down to the last detail. The brass-casing is forged in one piece making an air-tight protection of the instruments against damp from a wall. 

The brass-casing has been highly polished before the surface treatment and may appear as either lacquered brass or chromium plating.

All instruments’ controls (adjusting or changing battery) to be found frontwards, that is, access through the opening of the hinged door.


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Schatz Ship's bell clockwork is unique

Made in Denmark by Delite.
It is the world's only battery driven quartz movement with a mechanical ship’s bell striking mechanism.

The small movement seen on the left is equipped with a small brass bell. The big clock mounted in ROYAL is equipped with a large brass bell. The big bell sounds louder than the little bell.

The clockwork is the same - we use, for example a 10ppm quartz crystal. As we continue to improve the clockwork in the development and production, we have achieved a typical time accuracy within + 5ppm -0 (yes minus 0) resulting in a possible deviation of +0,43 second per day.

ppm stands for parts per million. This is how we calculate the possible time deviation, per day and per year:
Seconds per day = 60x60x24 = 86.400 seconds. 5ppm corresponds to 5 x 86.400 / 1.000.000 = 0,43 second per day.
Seconds per year = 60x60x24x356 = 30.758.400 seconds. 5ppm corresponds to 5 x 30.758.400 / 1.000.000 = 154 seconds per year or approx. 2½ minutes per year.

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