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Peter Seidelin Jessen was born in 1955, B.Sc.Eng. (hons) engineer in 1980 and a B. COM. in 1986. He has worked with development, project management and quality in the telecommunications and broadcasting fields. He founded Delite in 1996. Poul Brandt Jensen became more and more involved from 1998 and became co-owner at the Millennium turnover - when Rosenkilde Danmark ApS was started. 3 months later we took over the E.S.Sørensen oil lamps and instruments from Birte and Erik Sandahl Sørensen.
2005 we took over the Clausen instrument production.
2007 we took over the Petronella production from Louis Poulsen lighting company.
2012 we took over the Schatz production.
2013 We took over Axium and MiNi2000 compass production and later the VION and Altitude production.

About us

Our products must look good, function well in practice, wear well, and last but not least, hold attractive technical and functional details. We are makers of ageless design aiming for the perfect aesthetical look and functionality! That’s our taste and our source of pride in the details! Look at the “Bullet” key ring; It wasn’t intended from the beginning that the locking device should look like a bullet. But the very fact of the demand to function and design led to this optimal and beautiful form. Therefore its name! Clausen instruments is an example of modern design. Other examples of modern design added a touch of maritime appearance is the tealight lamp the “Fyrskib” (Lightship) and the “Petrolux” and “Cabinlite” oil lamps. Furthermore, we produce a series of classic and modern lamps. The “Tubelite” in steel and glass is an example of a new, modern lamp.
Delite is not for sailors only, but for anyone who loves high quality! Our products are appreciated by all who value things of high quality in their homes.
Delite is a small flexible company developing and producing design both for marine stores, where you’ll find our oil lamps and instruments like clocks and barometers, and some lighting shops where our electric lamps may be seen. However Today you will also find our products in many web shops.

Our brands:
E.S.Sørensen is our brand for renowned classical oil lamps. Also the well-known Stormglasses and Galileiglasses. Please let yourself into his wonderful universe, key in

Schatz, Vion, Altitude and Barostar are fairly new brands in Delite. We bought the Schatz rights from Altitude in early 2012. Shortly after, Altitude went bankrupt. From the beginning of 2013 we acquired all the production rights from Altitude. We began (in Måløv) the Schatz production in mid 2012. The first products put into production after the acquisition of Altitude was the Vion compasses Axium and Mini 2000. The Vion instruments were put in production end 2013/beginning of 2014. During 2014 and 2015 we started the production of the Altitude instruments.

We produce all our brands in Måløv, 22 km west of Copenhagen and in Lohals on Langeland. We export most of our production to dealers and distributors in Europe and USA.

Why the name of “Delite”?

It is a play upon words: sounding like “delight” [di’lait] it is an associate to “lightness” and “joy”, or simply: delite!

Delite ApS
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