Schatz history

Schatz history

schatz ship's bell


There are not many documents about Schatz, everything
destroyed after the bankruptcy around 1983.
August Schatz in Triberg built from 1958 the large mechanical
clockwork (left) until around 1978, when this
clockwork was discontinued and replaced by the small
clockwork 39 which had been developed around 1960/65 for
the Miniaturschiffsglasenuhr (illustrated in Firmenchronik 1881-1981) and Midi. At the end of the 1970s, the Royal housing was changed so the small clockwork 39 could be fitted. The first battery-powered clock was developed in1956. It used a 4,5V battery. But already in 1958 the first 1,5V battery-powered clockwork was launched.
From then, many different battery-powered clockworks were
launched in different series through the 60s and 70s and it was
as late as 1980 the first battery-powered ship’s bell clockwork
was introduced (Schiffsquarzwerk mit Glasenschlag, also illustrated in the Firmenchronik 1881-1981).

Schatz went bankrupt in 1982 and taken over by Staiger which
was a very experienced clock manufacturer. They were the first
to develop a quartz controlled movement for clocks and bring
it onto the market. However Staiger continued to build the little
mechanical clockwork 39 until 1993, when it was discontinued
and replaced by the Hermle mechanical clockwork. Today
Hermle and Chelsea Clocks are the only mechanical ship’s bell
clockwork manufacturers on the world market.
Our current electric ship’s bell clockwork was developed
by Staiger at the subsidiary UTS in Haardt around 1985.

In 1992 the two companies Staiger and Kundo, which had
been cooperating since 1980, were merged and in 2000
Kundo-Staiger went bankrupt. Altitude took over the Schatz
business from here and in the first years produced the Schatz
instruments in La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland (close to
Morteau in France). However after some Years the production
was moved to Altitude in Morteau. In 2012 Delite in Måløv,
Denmark took over the Schatz production and the year after
Delite took over the rest of the Altitude business.
Firmenchronik 1881-1981

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