Design: Peter Seidelin Jessen 2007

Petrolux™ oil lamp


The ultimate hurricane lamp - every sailor’s dream!

Technical specifications:
10’’’ circular burner giving approx. 8 “light watts” and approx. 220 watts of heat.
The circular burner is made of nickel plated brass.
Volume of oil container 0,42 liters.
Burning time approx. 16 hours.
Height 419 mm. Shade diameter 240 mm. Weight 2 kg.
All glass is heat resistant, dish washer safe borosilicate glass.

Made in Denmark by Delite.

Spare parts

The orientation of the smoke bell guides the hot air (the arrows) away from the handle bars.

Filling lamp oil into the lamp is easy.

Lighting the lamp.

This lamp has been under way for quite some time.
It all started in Norway in the spring of 2004 when Peter Seidelin Jessen, the designer, was looking after the stand of Rosenkilde’s at the Boat Fair at Lillestrøm. As Peter noticed, quite a few visitors to the stand were expressing a desire for an oil lamp looking like a miner’s lamp, but emitting more light. 

One year passed without the lamp getting any closer than a sketch on the drawing board - he wasn’t satisfied yet.

During the summer of 2005 a lamp shade was added, as we nourished the idea of developing a hanging lamp; with a shade the lamp fulfills the good qualities of both the miner’s lamp as well as a suspended lamp: a tasteful shape and being able to reflect its light downwards, whether hanging from a boom or stood on a table, and it may be moved freely about, and so enhancing the spell of a summer’s night!

The ingeniously constructed balanced air flow system ensures that Petrolux doesn’t blow out in windy weather.It is truly a genuine hurricane lantern.

The included eye bolt can be fastened to the bottom to secure the lamp inrough weather!

3 years later, in the spring of 2007, we were able to introduce the first edition of Petrolux at the Boat Fair at Fredericia, Denmark. We were satisfied with the product except for its capabilities in windy weather: It blew out! This is OK in the garden, but not on a boat. 

The outer glass (matt or clear) was introduced and the air intake changed. The second edition (the present Petrolux) was introduced at the METS fair Nov. 2007 in Amsterdam, a product of which we are especially proud.

The lamp is provided with a medium sized circular burner giving an excellent light .The circular burner has been fully integrated in the construction.

On top is a handle that never gets hot while the lamp is lit, because of a rather ingenious smoke bell. So, without burning your fingers you can move the lamp about wherever you wish.

Filling the lamp up with oil is so easy. Take the lamp body apart, and you will see how much oil is needed. The opening is so wide making it as easy to fill her up as pouring a glass of milk!

The lamp is made of stainless steel - brushed stainless steel. The knob for adjusting the wick is adorned with a delite copper badge - our guarantee that you see a quality product before you!

Made in Denmark by Delite.

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