Design: Henrik Skjønnemand 1998

"Knæk & flæk" nutcracker


“Knæk & Flæk” - a fun way to crack nuts!

The nutcracker “Knæk & Flæk”

Made in Denmark by Delite.

The nutcracker “Knæk & Flæk” is innovative and unique.

A hazelnut and a steel ball are put into the tube and with a single quick movement downwards the nutshell is broken leaving the kernel whole.
No nutshells flying around. No hands getting pinched.

A walnut splitter is integrated in the bottom (arrow).

Materials are stainless steel, brass and EPDM (the O-rings).

The steel ball is chromium steel (not stainless steel).

The height is 155 mm. Utility model reg. DK 1998 00464.

Varenr. 602901
DKK 195,00(DKK 156,00 excl. VAT)
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