Hand Bearing Compass


AXIUM3 compass

Accuracy ±1°.
2-coloured figures every 5°
Diameter ø80mm.
Weight 155g.

Art. no. AX B - blue colour
Art. no. AX Y - yellow colour  
Art. no. AX B S - blue southern hemisphere version
Art. no. AX Y S - yellow southern hemisphere version

Made in Denmark by Delite.

AXIUM3 Hand Bearing Compass - yellow or blue
Superior damping of the compass-rose gives quick and highly accurate readings up to and within 1 degree. Long life and accuracy is achieved with a sapphire-bearing in the balanced compass-rose.
Photo luminescent background lighting provides battery-free illumination. Infinity prism delivers in-focus compass readings. Protective rubber collar with neck/wrist lanyard ensures safe use in challenging environments. The red neopren rubber lanyard keeps the compass floating if dropped in the sea. The unique optical system combined with our process of calibration practically eliminates parallax errors.

Varenr. AX B
DKK 925,00(DKK 740,00 excl. VAT)
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