VION A101 series:

marine Clock with silence periods


A101 and the A102 series instruments are no longer produced.
The new A104 series replaces the A101 series of instruments.

The case is brushed and made of solid 0,5mm thick “18/10” stainless steel (AISI 304L). 2-colour distinctive dials.
Front glass is PMMA (Acrylic glass). Quick locking device included.
3 years of guarantee.

The VION series has a recognizable design. Blue and red hands and pointers are used in all instruments and blue and red printing on the dials. The drop-shaped symbol is a recurring feature.

Marine clock with silence periods.
Cream coloured classic designed dial.
Blue hands with red second hand.
Accuracy ±6 min./year.

Made in Denmark by Delite.


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Varenr. A101 C
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