Design: E.S. Sørensen 1990

captain’s cabin lamp

The Captain's Cabin lamp is no longer produced.
Originally it was designed to be the light source in officers' cabins and saloons in the late 19th century. It features four-way gimbals and a 5¼'' sandblasted globe.
Hand polished and lacquered brass.
6''' circular burner. Oil container 0,125 litres.
Burning time approx. 9 hours. Height 390 mm.
The globe is securely fastened with a clip-on spring in stainless steel.

Oil lamp and electric versions:
The production of all versions is stopped. Captain's Cabin lamps are no longer available.
Article no. 50 03 04 Oil lamp with ship globe
Article no. 50 03 08 Oil lamp with half-matt globe
Article no. 52 03 04 electric E14-230V lamp with ship globe
Article no. 52 03 08 electric E14-230V lamp with half-matt globe

Made in Denmark by Delite.

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The history of E.S.Sørensen
1842: G. W. Frydenlund finishes his apprenticeship as a plumber. He began making lanterns for The Lights and Buoys Service (The then Danish department for the maintenance of lighthouses), and became the official lamp maker to the service.

1859: The circular burner is introduced in its present form by King, the light makers.

1887: The company is taken over by Mr. J.A.V. Harnisch, the manager in charge, who expands the production of lighthouse equipment to the Faroe Islands, Iceland and the West Indies. In time mail boxes and marine equipment are taken up. Harnisch is the first company to offer certified ships’ lanterns.

1922: G. W. Harnisch succeeds his father and the company continues to widen its line of products. The classical lamps of the 19th century are still being made, however now the electric interior lighting systems for ships’ cabins, train compartments and official buildings claim new ways of developments.

1986: G. W. Harnisch goes bankrupt, and Mr. Erik Sandahl Sørensen, his sales manager, takes over most of the tooling for the oil lamps, and he continues the production under the name of E. S. Sørensen. With a background as a jeweller and a clockmaker E. S. Sørensen has an eye for detail and design, and he uses these skills to raise the craftsmanship to the superior standard that we know today.

2000: E. S. Sørensen decides to retire and spend more time cruising the Scandinavian seas in summer and travel south in winter. 

His company is taken over by Poul Brandt Jensen & Peter Seidelin Jessen, both engineers, who shortly before had taken over the Rosenkilde Company from Mrs. Alice Rosenkilde.

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