Design: Peter Seidelin Jessen 2010

“Fyrtårn II” oil lamp


“Fyrtårn II” oil lamp - Restaurant lamp

The original restaurant oil lamp. Not available at the moment. Please look up the brushed brass version.

An oil lamp with a rustic, almost raw stainless steel design. The glass is held tight with the o-ring principle of Delite (no rattling). A rubber base ensures that the lamp stands firmly on the surface. The lamp is designed to use safe disposable oil containers (fuel cells) HD42 and HD50 from Hollowick or #840 from Ambria Crystalyte.

Height 180 mm. Weight 630g.

Lamp glass made of borosilicate glass (heat resistant glass).
Spare lamp glass: 65 05 50
Oil container HD47 - 6 pieces: 65 06 51

Made in Denmark by Delite.

Examples of oil containers that are designed to be used in the Restaurant lamp

#840 from Ambria Crystalyte
Burning time is approx. 42 hours

HD42 from Hollowick
Burning time is approx. 42 hours

HD50 from Hollowick
Burning time is approx. 50 hours

Varenr. 650503
DKK 645,00(DKK 516,00 excl. VAT)
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