Design: Stig Larsen 1982

Stig Larsen galileiglass


Galileiglass & suspension

It's a thermometer you read like this:
18°C or below - All 4 balls are gathered in the top
20°C - 3 balls above, 1 ball at the bottom
22°C - 2 balls above, 2 balls at the bottom
24°C - 1 ball above, 3 balls at the bottom
Over 24°C - All 4 balls at the bottom

Height 145mm.

Weight 450g.

Article no. 55 07 01 - polished and lacquered brass
Article no. 55 07 04 - polished stainless steel
Article no. 55 07 05 - brushed stainless steel
Article no. 55 05 50 - repair kit (new glass ampoule)

The Galileiglass can be supplied with Fahrenheit readings: 64, 68, 72 and 76 degrees Fahrenheit.

Made in Denmark by Delite.

“Measure what can be measured and make measurable what cannot be measured...”

On this principle Galilei revolutionized the old world order, which in the 1600s led to the classical mechanics of Isaac Newton (1642-1727). Newton’s publication of Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica in 1686 is one of the books that changed the world.?But even before this, Galileo Galilei had discovered that the volume of a liquid changes with temperature. This is the principle that E.S.Sørensen exploits in the Galileiglass. This volume expansion causes the density of the liquid to decrease, whereas the volume of the glass balls will not change appreciably.?With the buoyancy of the four balls dependent on the density of the displaced amount of water, (remember Archimedes?) the uplift of the liquid on the balls will reduce with rising temperature. Full advantage of the Galilei principle is taken by using balls which differ in mass by a few milligrams.??The heaviest ball will sink first indicating the lowest temperature.?The other three lighter balls each show higher temperatures. The four glass balls of the Galileiglass are marked 18, 20, 22 and 24ºC (or 64, 68, 72 and 76ºF in the Fahrenheit version). At 19ºC (66F) precisely the 18ºC (64F) ball floats.?When 19ºC (66F) is exceeded, the ball will sink and the 20ºC (68F) ball appears (as drawing shows).?Further temperature rise passing 21ºC (70F) will make the 20ºC (68F) ball sink, revealing the 22ºC (72F) ball and so forth with the remaining balls. In short, you read the temperature by the lowest of the topmost balls.


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