Design: Peter Seidelin Jessen 2006

“Porthole” tealight holders


“Porthole” tealight holder

Height 55mm.
Diameter 70mm.
Glass tube ø48mm x 48mm (high).
Glass tube made of borosilicate glass (heat resistant glass).

3 different versions:

Art. no. 603301, polished, lacquered brass
Art. no. 603302, polished stainless steel  
Art. no. 603303, brushed stainless steel  

Made in Denmark by Delite.

Spare glass

Base of Porthole before machining...
The piece of brass above has been
heated up to approx. 700ºC and then
formed in a tool under high pressure
(hot-pressed brass).

Base of Porthole after machining...
The hole in the middle and the 3 supports for the tealight provide a cooling air-flow between the tealight and the glass tube preventing the tealight holder from getting unpleasantly hot!

The idea to the Porthole already aroused in 1996, the year Delite was founded. A simple tealight candle holder kept in a maritime design. Originally it was without the glass. 

The drawing was nearly forgotten in Peter’s desk drawer for 10 years. Until one day Poul returned from customer visits and told that our customers were asking for small tealight candlesticks with a base, ring and glasstube. “This one” Peter burst out and pulled out the almost forgotten drawing from the drawer. The glass was added and the Porthole was born! A hole in the base was added to secure a cooling airflow to the tealight.

Varenr. 603301
DKK 375,00(DKK 300,00 excl. VAT)
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