Pa, Ma and Bairns

tealight holders


Copper for... copper anniversary or simply delight!
Stainless steel for any occasion...

Height Pa 75mm. Height Ma 59mm. Height Bairn 30mm. Diameter 49mm.
Polished and lacquered copper.
Decorative tealight supports (3 pieces) of lacquered brass (on Pa and Ma).

Findes også i poleret eller børstet rustfrit stål.

A solid and pure family - cast tealight holders on a strong rubber base. They reflect the microcosmos of love and confidence, the classic core family: Pa, ma and bairns. Light a candle for those you are fond of, together with those you are fond of. The family candlesticks emit heat, stability and solidarity, “ ...because it is merriment, sitting together, where the home fires is love”.

Varenr. 603501
DKK 195,00(DKK 156,00 excl. VAT)
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