Design: Peter Seidelin Jessen 1996

“Fyrskib” suspensions


Suspensions for Fyrskib

Length 78mm. Base diameter ø20mm.
Article no. 60 10 01 Brass/stainless steel
Article no. 60 10 02 Chrome/stainless steel

Made in Denmark by Delite.

“Fyrskib” is a candle lamp for tealights (night-lights) with a contemporary marine look. In Danish a lightship is named »Fyr-skib« and a tealight is named »fyr-fadslys«.

Peter Seidelin Jessen always has been interested in ships and marine surroundings. He developed a preference for such durable materials as brass and stainless steel whilst designing communication aerials in his earlier days. The two materials complement each other perfectly.

Add to this his special partiality for candlelights (Danes call them ‘living lights’) so it was only natural to create a really good lamp for tealights. There are other such lamps on the market, they share one common failing, however, they burn poorly behind glass and flicker due to an inadequate oxygen supply. Peter Seidelin Jessen wanted the “Lightship” to be “flicker-less”, with a sootless, steady flame - pleasant to watch. That was achieved by introducing an air intake in the bottom of the lamp.

The development of the candle lamp spread over six months with many contributions from colleagues and friends and “Lightship” with its characteristic heat shield and lamp glass was born. The result is classic, timeless Danish design with a discrete marine character. Lightship was launched in August 1996.

Varenr. 601001
DKK 175,00(DKK 140,00 excl. VAT)
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