Plaited hanger with thimble

. 1846 - length 120mm - pure cotton 1847 - length 170mm - Poly hemp
Thimbles made of brass

The significance of thimbles
A plaited hanger with a thimble wears far better than one without. With these hangers you need shackles.
For 4’’ and 5½’’ bells we recommend no. 1927 shackle.
For a 7’’ bell we recommend no. 1928 shackle.


Danish (1846) and German (1847) handicraft.

Notes on Brass
Brass is an alloy, CuZn33Pb2, consisting of approx. 65% copper, 33% zinc and 2% lead.
As a rule these products have not been lacquered, if nothing else has been indicated. It means that in time the brass will be tarnished, it will turn more golden or grey, perhaps get patches, all depending on the the influence of the surroundings. All unlacquered brass ware is suitable for engravings. If one wishes a highly polished surface back, all that’s needed is polishing the brass. If candle wax is to be removed, the easiest way is applying boiling water, perhaps with a dash of detergent. Immediately wipe dry with a soft piece of cloth.

Polishing of brass:
Only use soft pieces of cotton. Please, all sharp objects be banned! Polish like “Rød Egern” should be applied.

Varenr. 1846
DKK 125,00(DKK 100,00 excl. VAT)
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